Sept 15th 1995...

September 15th, 1995

The day that I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Circa Oct 1995-ish

Circa Oct 1995-ish

Yup, 20 years ago that happened and now here we are... in a blink of an eye, in the future. 

I was only 15 when all of this went down. All of it fit like a glove, it was very natural from the start. Of course, I am not a normal person so she had some adjusting to do but I kept her on her toes. Never a dull moment. For example, when I asked her out, I didn't say "Would you be my girlfriend". No no no, that's no fun. We were shooting basketball in her backyard in the dark. I was so nervous the whole time and in order to break myself from my nerves, I grabbed the ball and yelled out "Ok, fuck the bullshit, will you go out with me?!". LOL... what a tool I was. She bought what I was selling, so all good hahahaha!

From the start, I knew that we were in it for the long haul. There was no pressure to be something we weren't. So our journey kept on chugging and chugging along. It all seemed like it was in a blink of an eye but when I sit down and think about it, we have been through 20 years of memories. Some of you reading this probably weren't even around 20 years ago. You were just a seed of a seed lol. We basically grew up  together, more than half our lives together.

You know when you know someone so well that you know what they are gonna do or say before they do or say it... yea... when you open yourself up and let yourself become vulnerable for someone else, it is easy to do that. Through high school, college, church stuff, our 20's, different careers, traveling, getting married and starting a family, it has been an incredible journey with you. I know in the next 20 years and 20 years after that, I already know a life full of laughter and joy will be ahead because no matter where we are, we will always have each other. 

It has been and is everything that I envisioned it to be and the joy in my heart is so full... my life has been filled many lifetimes over. I wish the world could love so deeply as we do, then life for all would be a dream.

11 years ago today, I asked this woman to be my wife. Surrounded by friends and family, it was one for the record books. She got quite a surprise that day. Mission completed gracefully and in less than 9 months, we will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I cannot wait to see you there.

So how did we celebrate our 20 year dating anniversary? Maybe a trip to Europe? Fancy Dinner? A getaway? Nope, nope, nope. We ended up watching the rain as it spontaneous poured down the entire day, eating Chipotle, shopping and eating dinner at a Korean joint. Later to be joined by my first "adopted" son Alec. Who so very quickly grabbed a photo of me in a very happy moment. Awakening from a 30 min nap that actually took 2 hours, group hugged by the wifey and my ever so handsome boy Calvin. 

I am so rich in love, I'll never be a poor man. I have been gifted with every joy that a man could and would want. A love that loves back endlessly, unconditionally and relentlessly. Thank you Lord for all that you have blessed me with. I am truly a lucky man. 

Happy anniversary love.

Photo by @alecnguyen http://www.alecnguyen.com

Photo by @alecnguyen http://www.alecnguyen.com