Porsche Carrera 964 on GMR

GMR is a pretty famous mountain road out here is SoCal. It used to be a place a lot of young enthusiastic mountain drivers would go to test their driving ability at night.  

In recent times, the road has been getting a lot of attention from the media in which gives a lot of attention to the police. So police have been a bit more proactive about monitoring it for extra curricular activity. 

Last week we had a day with very heavy rain and the next morning, Phil with @handsomeandphilthy called me up to go take photos on GMR. Figuring rain photos would be cool, I agreed and met him up there.  

But the whole time, it never rained although we had very ominous rain clouds hanging right over our heads.  

For this shoot, I kept the editing styles more loose to show some variety in style. I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Hopefully next time around, I can actually get some rain photos and maybe getting someone to drift in the rain would be sweet.

Andrew Manley
Automotive Photographer

964 & 991 @Rusnak Porsche in Pasadena, CA

So the other night, a few Purist guys and I went out to shoot some old Euro cars. We had one guy drop out last minute and that was replaced with a newer JCW Mini Cooper Turbo. I will upload the rest of those photos another day.

We headed to Glendora originally to get a few shots at The Donut Man and as we waited for everyone, it started to rain. Then it started to rain real good... got me worried a bit since the roads were gonna be slick. Ended up stopping 30 mins into and then we proceeded to Pasadena.

While shooting around Pasadena, came across a Porsche dealership while we were waiting in the Ralph's parking lot across the street. I thought it would be cool to do a time piece showing the old vs new 911 since a red Carrera was right on the show room floor. 

I didn't know how the shot was gonna turn out since the lighting conditions were pretty lousy and on top of that, I only had a 24-70mm on me and the street was really wide. I knew that I was most likely gonna shoot in the street somewhere.

Luckily I was only 3 feet into the street to make my composition work but nevertheless it worked out fine. 

I started off by getting my ambient shots. I did a bracket shot and got the following below:

Shot on the Canon 1dx and Canon 24-70mm 2.8 Mark II with a Circular Polarizer. ISO 100, f2.8, 2.5 secs, bracketed for 3 stops + and -


Above is our first run light painting with the Westcott Ice Light. My goal was to try and light the top and and the mid part of the lines well. We ran into some issues properly highlighting the hips of the Carrera due to it popping out. So we ran a handful of trials. Got it looking decent towards the end but I had to fix it in photoshop to make it more acceptable.   


Above you can see all of the various variations I did. You can see how gradually I added color tones, got rid of lots of reflection on the glass and poster, got rid of the tree and cleaned up the car as much as I could. In addition, I had to add a darker gradient going down the car and darkening the wheels to make it feel more natural. I also cleaned up the Porsche banner above the 991. The previous one was driving into the window break so I cleaned it up and applied a new logo on there. All about the details.


Above is the final image. I am pretty happy with the outcome and I think it shows the two off really well. I still like my air cooled better but I guess I am biased lol. 

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TIl the next one,
Andrew Manley
Automotive Photography


Photo of me directing Phil (@handsomeandphilthy) how to light the Carrera. BTS Coverage by Danny from Blue Soul Photography