Pro's Big 35... Birthday Portraits

June is a busy time for birthdays in my life... especially during the Gemini and Cancer transition. I believe I have to celebrate about 14 birthdays around that time. 


This year, I have decided to shoot portraits for people on their birthdays... what other gift is better than getting documented on your special day?

Venue is shot at my boy's spot in the arts district of Pomona... called 11th Door Studio. He has a lovely spot which showcases amazing artwork and "feels" in a 1400sqft space. 

The initial idea was to create some spunk with the various textures and colors all around but we ended up taking on a different direction as we were inspired by various props. 

Anyways, here are some photos from the day and also some unedit images so you get a sense for what was going on .

Thanks for stopping by

Andrew Manley
Portrait Photorapher