Formawerx: Defender Key - Mt Baldy

Formawerx is a design house that has been specializing in building premium keys for specialized automobiles. I met Daniel Chae at Luft 5 in 2018 when he came up to me to talk about my aircooled Porsche. When he told me about his company, I quickly realized that it was a company that I wanted my 911 brand (@911cooled) to be associated with due to its high quality caliber of design.

We quickly got together and did some collaboration work and as of recently, Daniel was interested in getting some content for a key that they have developed for the Land Rover Defender. Similar to the Porsche 911 key they have designed, the keys are extremely simple but highly sophisticated due to the nature of underlying layers of design.

We decided to shoot up in the mountains to gather some nature shots and especially since we had 5 days of continuous of rain, we were hoping for some snow however when we got up to the mountain at 6am, it was 47 degrees. As we and many others found out, there was not much snow at all. Just small areas of snow gathered in certain areas.

The focus was to get about 20-25 images to use for marketing their new key but I ended up delivering about 40 images. Here are the final images from the shoot.