Lipsense Portraits for the Wifey

This month sparked a new interest in portraits for me as I was bombarded with birthdays. Although it happened late in June, it was the kick off of many new agendas and styles as I started to find my groove again in photography. 

I have decided to concentrate on working on a lighting and editing style that stands out on its own. Of course things like this takes time so it's something I am patient with. 

Around the end of May, my wife decided to start a new venture with Senegence Cosmetics and in selling make up, she needed photos and a campaign to accompany that. 

We originally took some portraits of her on her birthday but then that quickly escalated to some fun shoots. As you can see we did an homage to the old school by shooting on top of an old Diamondback BMX and her dressed up in chola clothes. We got a lot of love from our friends on Instagram... lol. 

Lipsense: (Left) Kiss for a Cause, (Right) Layered Mulled Wine and Fly Girl

Lipsense: (Left) Kiss for a Cause, (Right) Layered Mulled Wine and Fly Girl

We also worked on a smear campaign. Since Lipsense is famous for not smudging once it is on the lips, we did some shots of lipstick smearing all over her face to remind girls that there are other options out there. 

Also, early in the month, she was at the Pomona Artwalk where she found a customer and filmed a small shoot with Tim and his Red Camera. 

Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming up :)

Meanwhile, check out her website:


Andrew Manley
Lifestyle and Product Photographer