First trip to Burger Parlor in Downtown Fullerton

The love for food is always a tug of war. We all love to eat but eating too much leads to bad places... the California Foodie scene is strong and the social media game for food is even stronger. Restaurants, food trucks, fusion dessert, ethnic.. we have it all here in Socal... but today I will be starting off my first food blog post with a burger shop in DTF (downtown Fullerton).

Located right in the heart of DTF on the East side of Harbor Blvd, Burger Parlor is nestled in a loft-like space where they make a variety of burger and burger accessorized sides. My assistants Hector and Nancy have been telling me to check this joint out for a minute but finally stumbled across it just over the weekend. Coincidently a few days ago I started the change in my eating habits... it's not really a diet per say but it's a diet which consists of watching my portions. 

I used to eat until I couldn't eat no more... my stomach would stretch with great joy but then I started the inevitable weight gain. So in order to continue enjoying my lifestyle, I will still eat what I love but will eat up to 75% of my stomach's full capacity. Hopefully this goes well.... so today's blog post didn't consist of beautiful greasy, dirty and calorie filled foods... well sort of. 

For all of your connoisseurs of beer, here is your selection on tap to choose from. 

Below we started off with the Snack Shack which is basically a chili cheese fries in a bowl. I love ketchup with my chili fries so it was quickly added after I took this shot.  

As my wife and I chowed down on the Chili Fries while we waited for some friends,  I quickly realized that I was getting full... so I was in a tough spot. Forget my own commitment to my portioning diet or just munch of someone else. So as I went up to order my son's junior meal, I ended up eating half of his. Sad isn't it?

Our friends ended up getting the Vegan burger and the Danish Blue with a side of waffle sweet potatoes. Both look delicious and cooked well.

I spoke with the manager who gracious allowed me to take some photos of the kitchen and then putting together a Captain Crunch Milkshake. Tasted just like a bowl of milk and cereal. Made with love and lots of soft serve. 

We ended up coming into the restaurant between the lunch and dinner rush so we didn't have to wait but by the time we were leaving, it started to get very crowded. 

Cool little spot if you are into boutique burgers... next time I will come in for the Old Fashion or Smokey.

Til the next,
Andrew Manley


A quick Vegan photoshoot

Yesterday after I got home from the shop, the fambam went to the Chino Hills Farmer's Market located at The Shoppes. I haven't been here in months and it has gotten much smaller from the last time I was here but the good news is... they had everything I needed. Bread, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc... small but enough. Sorry I didn't take any photos... didn't think I was going to be blogging about this but now look at me :(

Got home and put together a quick meal... although not vegan, it was a delicious vegetarian meal. My good friend Shelly (@artistshelleybruce) dropped off a beautiful loaf of jalapeno cheese bread all the way from Bishop, CA. Fried up some portobello mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes and spread with jalapeno and cilantro hummus. Did a side of organic carrots and potato sprinkled with kosher salt and Ms. Dash. 

The photo got a lot of likes in a short period of time (with all things being relative of course). 

Shot on Canon 1dx, Canon 50mm 2.5 macro lens

Shot on Canon 1dx, Canon 50mm 2.5 macro lens

On my way out to the shop today, I grabbed two carrots, packaged roasted seaweed and a white apricot. I asked Pro if he could cook my carrots with whatever he was cooking today but it ended up being a whole journey to make a vegan burger. I wish I took some more BTS photos but we just got caught up in the moment and I ended up faking one BTS shot for you guys. lol

Here are the other shots I took. I really wish I documented the cooking and building process but there is always next time. 

Thank you Pro for making this bomb ass food!
Til the next time,

Andrew Manley
Food Photographer