Nicole and 997.1 GT3 at Calpoly Pomona

In the spirt of trying to get in a shoot everyday, I did an open invite on Instagram to shoot people and one of those who hit me up was Nicole aka @mzforeveryoung. 

We originally were both open and didn't have any concepts at hand. As I tried to get get an idea by asking Nicole what kind of outfits, props and access to venues that she had, we ended up going with a car themed shoot. Mainly due to the fact that she had a cool white outfit with black spartan like boots that matched my GT3. 

So we headed down to Cal Poly and found a spot that was neutral in background cause I didnt want to complicate it with "noise" per say. We were also on a time limit as we both had some where to be at 90 mins later. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 6.51.15 PM.png

For the initial setup, I placed a White Lightning X1600 with a large Octobox left of camera shooting at full 1/1 power. I didnt have any power so I hooked it up to my Honda CRV with an outlet in the back plugged into an inverter. The shot below is a HDR compilation of 5 images.

I started to conceptualize a woman in distress... not that she needed help but because she wanted to find someone she could prey on... cause no woman drives a GT3 unless she was a power hungry girl. I photoshopped the vapors coming out of the rear end. Sometimes I feel like I over-processed here but then I fall back in love with it. It's a love hate for sure... lol.

I muted the colors in this one because she came out so warm but I am a bit torn on most of this series as I didnt have a clear shot formulated. 

The shot below was just a cute and fun shot... just threw it in cause the energy is great.. :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 6.50.29 PM.png

Probably my favorite shot from the shoot was from the rear end... it was a nice balance between model and prop. I did photoshop the license to GG (Good Game) and did some frequency separation on her skin. Then I threw on some highlights on the camera right of her face. 

Andrew Manley
Portrait Photographer