rancho cucamonga

2014 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR Photoshoot in the IE

The Legendary Mitsubishi EVO has now come to an end. Hailed for all of it's accolades in the Rally Realm, the Evo has been a long lusted car in the US prior to it's arrival in 2003/2004. When the EVO and STI finally got approved to come stateside, you can imagine all of the JDM enthusiast that were so excited to see it here.

Back in 2006, before I got my S2000, I was on the fence between this and the EVO IX. Of course for those that know, the EVO IX was the ultimate in the EVO performance before the bigger, heavier, slower and softer X came in.   

My son has always since the age of 2 been infatuated with the face of the EVO. I mean it has a nice mean look to it. Since I needed a family car, it was natural for me to gravitate towards the sedan. 

However after a year of driving her, I realized that I wasn't so happy with her. Driving position, gearing, MPG, dimensions all played into what didn't fit for me. I mean she is extremely fast and nimble for a big girl but at the end, I felt disconnected from her. 

Before selling her after 18 months of ownership, I have decided to do one last shoot with her. So I headed out with Leonard Holland and Marcos Perdomo to document this night. 

I have always wanted to do a shoot in a self car wash but never needed to so this was a great opportunity to do it. Although I probably won't my car here again anytime soon cause the stress of trying to wash my car in 12 mins was too much. lol. Leonard and Marcos got some photos of me washing the car but I have not received them as of yet. 

Here is a shot of the gauges documenting the "low miles". 5000 miles in 18 months is pretty low. The gauges although not amazing were nicely done and got the job done without being a snore. 

My favorite shot of the night was done at Sonic's in Rancho Cucamonga. We got there close to closing so there were some people still dining. After they started to leave one by one, I was all set for the shot. I love the tones and color in this shot. 

After Sonic's we headed to The Hat for some late night dinner. Filled up with Pastrami, we decided to head to the very end of Lytle Creek. It took about 15-20 mins from the 15 fwy to get here but it was a very cool location indeed. Leonard has been here many times so it made us feel more relaxed since it was pitch black.... well most of it was but we did have the moon to light us. It was really chilly this summer night but got lucky cause I had 4-5 jackets/sweaters in there. 


All BTS photos shot by Leonard Holland at http://www.leonardholland.com

It was a good run, EVO X... I hope you have a great future with your new owner. 

Andrew Manley
Automotive Photographer