monarch butterfly

Our very first Monarch Butterfly...

So a few weeks ago, my wife found a handful of caterpillars in her mom's backyard. Apparently Monarch Butterflies love milkweed leaves and apparently my mother in law has them lol... So my wife brings a handful of them home. 

She was so diligent in making sure that they were comfortable and had enough leaves, driving back to her mom's house to grab some more. Then apparently butterflies like a nice cool environment, how convenient since I do too and it is right in the middle of summer. So I lose a fan and they gain a happy cool place. 

It didnt take long for the caterpillars to turn into a cocoon. Suppose to take 10 days but the first one ended up taking 7 days. It turned into a chrysalis this morning and within the hour, the butterfly was out. Of course my wife freaks out and screams "She's out! OMG!"

So I grabbed the Canon 1dx and Canon 50mm 2.5 macro lens since I was using it in the morning to shoot my breakfast. Here are the photos. Enjoy