Nar and Danny Engagements at Mt Baldy, CA

Have you ever had a friend that met someone and you knew that it was gonna be happily ever after? For me, this is one of those rare cases where I knew after I had met Nar, that Danny was gonna marry this girl. I actually called it the first time I met her.... and so now here we are prepping for their lives together. 

Photographing these two lovebirds during an extremely breezy Sunday morning was challenging because getting hair to cooperate is impossible. However these two were down for the ride and we had a blast up in the mountains. 


Getting two people who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera is always fun because they never know what to expect but it only takes a short while to find their groove and get natural moments. 


We kept things fun by allowing the two to be naturally who they are... playful and flirty kept the two interacting with one another.... of course kisses on the neck and naughty speak bring out the real big smiles as you can see... lol


One of my favorites was the shot above where I creeped on these two enjoying a moment of patty cakes.... because when you are in love and your photographer tells you to do it, you do it! 


I can't wait for the wedding guys.... as crazy as you two are, its gonna be a blast. 

Andrew Manley
Wedding Photographer