Porsche Carrera 964 on GMR

GMR is a pretty famous mountain road out here is SoCal. It used to be a place a lot of young enthusiastic mountain drivers would go to test their driving ability at night.  

In recent times, the road has been getting a lot of attention from the media in which gives a lot of attention to the police. So police have been a bit more proactive about monitoring it for extra curricular activity. 

Last week we had a day with very heavy rain and the next morning, Phil with @handsomeandphilthy called me up to go take photos on GMR. Figuring rain photos would be cool, I agreed and met him up there.  

But the whole time, it never rained although we had very ominous rain clouds hanging right over our heads.  

For this shoot, I kept the editing styles more loose to show some variety in style. I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Hopefully next time around, I can actually get some rain photos and maybe getting someone to drift in the rain would be sweet.

Andrew Manley
Automotive Photographer

VIP Access to the 2015 Long Beach Le Mans

Earlier this week, my good friends invited the family to the Long Beach LeMans with VIP access... as many of you guys know, I am a huge car guy but I never been to the event. It was awesome because we had access anywhere on the track but what was really badass was that I was able to enjoy it with my family and friends. 

Typically the only way to get access like that is with media credentials and well you know... you got to being working and when you are working, you aren't enjoying (typically lol). In the future, I will be better about capturing the little things that give you a sense of the day as opposed to focusing on the "main event" stuff. 

It was cool hanging out with the pitcrew and checking out all of the extra parts in case of accidents. You know, just super expensive carbon fiber components, racks on racks of tires, etc. Anyways I hope you enjoy the photos.